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Where Keepin’ It Handsome
Isn’t Just A Lifestyle,
It’s Life Elevated!

Welcome to Lettie’s Handsome Hair, a Men’s Salon in Plano, Texas specializing in the refined society of
men’s haircuts, styles, and beard trims. We strive to make every appointment respectable, special, and to make sure you leave our salon with your own proper, unique look. We use and sell high quality, all natural hair and skin products from Intelligent.

Our high quality precision clippering, haircutting and pampering is exactly what every man needs to look and feel his most dapper. Your satisfaction is our most important goal, and with over 33 years and numerous awards, including Salon of the Month, Lettie will deliver an experience so great you’ll want to invest in an exclusive Handsome Hair Membership.

View our services below, or contact us now to experience what a professional salon can do for you.

Mens Salon Services

  • Dashing Haircut - $45 A personal consultation, haircut, and styling to bring out your unique look.
  • Aristocratic Haircut - $60 Same as The Dashing Haircut, but with an additional 15 minutes of pampering of a genteel nature, including scalp massage, mini facial massage with hot steamed towel, and moisturizing paraffin wax for hands, with hand and arm massage. You'll feel like the most important man in world.
  • Raindrop Therapy - $85 Young Living Essential Oils applied in sequence on feet and back for a relaxing muscular treatment or add on service to the Aristocratic or Gentlemen's Facial. A special service for the man who deserves to relax.
  • Gentlemen’s Facial - $85 A Cleanse, Mask, Massage, & Moisturizing of Face.
  • Mustache and Beard Trim - $15  Precision clippering of facial hair to maintain your special style. 
  • Little Man Cut - $35 A customized children's haircut designed to fit individual style and preferences. Must be 8-12 years old.
  • Spa Man Package- $175 Includes Aristocratic Haircut, Gentlemans Facial, and Raindrop Therapy.
    • Aristocratic Membership - $875 Set appointments freely to maintain the look that you deserve, and the pampering that goes with it. The Aristocratic Membership earns you unlimited Aristocratic haircut services for a year. Includes 10% off any retail item and free beard trims.
    • Dashing Membership - $675 Maintain your special look at an unbeatable price. This membership entitles you to Unlimited Dashing haircuts for the year.

    * Please note prices are starting points and may vary based on individual needs*

    She is is the best. Started going to Lettie a year ago on a whim. Told her I was looking for someone new to cut my hair who actually knew / cared about what they are doing, not just someone with a license. She hasn’t let me down since. Hair is perfect every time. Add on the scalp, face, arm, and hand treatments and you’ll feel like you are human again.

    Dave S.

    I look forward to every visit to Lettie! She Always listens to what I want and I usually just go with what she recommends. The salon is always clean and she offers drinks while you get your hair cut. I highly recommend splurging for the Aristrocratic as the added pampering is extremely soothing and really completes the experience. If you’re looking for a luxurious, high quality hair salon then look no further than Handsome Hair!

    Aaron S.

    I’ve been visiting Lettie for years. Her haircuts are consistently top-notch. I’ve changed up my look several times, and she’s always done a thorough job of reviewing the ways she can execute my wishes. Her other services, like the paraffin wax and scalp/arm massage, are amazing. I’ve had similar services from other places, but Lettie is just… better. Plain and simple.

    Jason B.

    Great Experience with the Aristocratic. Lettie is professional and was helpful in guiding my vague wants into a stylish haircut. Clean and relaxing environment. The extras in the Aristocratic are well worth it, leaving you soothed and feeling well groomed. Add in a complimentary whisky or two and you’ve got the total package.

    Eric T.


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